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Free Shipping over $100!

Halo Hair Extensions

Choose your colour:
Jet Black Jet Black

Halo Hair Extensions in Jet Black

Natural Black Natural Black

Halo Hair Extensions in Natural Black

Mocha Brown Mocha Brown

Halo Hair Extensions in Mocha Brown

Dark Brown Dark Brown

Halo Hair Extensions in Dark Brown

Medium Brown Medium Brown

Halo Hair Extensions in Medium Brown

Light Chestnut Brown Light Chestnut Brown

Halo Hair Extensions in Light Chestnut Brown

Chestnut Brown Chestnut Brown

Halo Hair Extensions in Chestnut Brown

Light Golden Blonde Light Golden Blonde

Halo Hair Extensions in Light Golden Blonde

8/613 Blonde Highlights 8/613 Blonde Highlights

Halo Hair Extensions in Brown/ Blonde Mix

Light Blonde Light Blonde

Halo Hair Extensions in Light Blonde

Platinum Blonde Platinum Blonde

Halo Hair Extensions in Platinum Blonde

Dark Auburn Dark Auburn

Halo Hair Extensions in Dark Auburn

#1C-1C/04 Balayage #1C-1C/04 Balayage

Halo Hair Extensions in #1C-1C/04 Balayage

Silver Silver

Halo Hair Extensions in Silver

T#02-02/08 Balayage T#02-02/08 Balayage

Halo Hair Extensions in T#02-02/08 Balayage

T#02/04 Ombre T#02/04 Ombre

Halo Hair Extensions in T#02/04 Ombre

T#08-08/60 Balayage T#08-08/60 Balayage

Halo Hair Extensions in T#08-08/60 Balayage

About Halo Hair Extensions

Halo hair extensions attach to your head with an invisible wire, so there is no need for clips, tape or glue to hold the halo extension to your head. Because the hair is held in place by wire there is no risk of hair shedding which makes them perfect if you have very fine hair. All of our halo hair extensions are made from the highest quality 100% real remy human hair. halo hair extensions are easy to apply by yourself at home in seconds. halo hair extensions take about 30 seconds to put on, making it one of the easiest hair extensions on the market! Our halo hair extensions are made to fit any head size and come with an adjustable wire. Halo hair extensions are very comfortable to wear and can be easily removed in seconds. They last for up to 12 months, and sometimes longer because they are so easy to take out.

See Halo Hair Extensions in action

Frequently Asked Questions

No effort and no maintenance

Invisible wire hair extensions are incredibly easy to use and manage. With our halo hair extensions it takes just 30 seconds to have beautiful long and thick hair

The best part of it all is that you don’t need to waste time maintaining your halo hair extensions – they require little to no upkeep at all!

No matter what hair type, shade, or goal, we have the right halo hair extensions waiting for you. Whether you know what colour you want or you still have your doubts, we have a team of customer service people waiting to help you decide. You’ll have the right-fitting, perfect colour halo by the time you’re finished. And, finally: Look the way you always dreamed of!

It’s the premium choice

We want our clients to have the best experience possible. In order to achieve that, we sell best halo hair extensions available. We want you to have the perfect dream set of hair and nothing short of it.

We are an ethical company

We know some companies like to cut corners and take the easy way out, but that’s not us. All our products are made from the highest quality ethically sourced hair – no exceptions.

Pick your colour

We have 9 colours for you to choose from – and no matter what you pick, our invisible hair extensions will blend with yours. Trying to go a little lighter or darker? We have the right colour for you.

Need a hand to select your colour

Our team of experts is ready to assess your situation and guide you all the way into wearing your dream invisible wire hair extensions. Take a few photos showing your natural hair and let us have a look. We’ll recommend your perfect fit

Our products are delivered ready-to-wear and it is our goal to make it perfect so you have to make no changes at all. If you wish to make your halo hair extensions darker, we recommend that you only make your invisible wire hair extensions two shades darker at most. Don't ever bleach your halo hair extensions to lighten them.

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Our halo hair extensions will not fall off. You might feel it’s a little loose at first – but not to worry, you’ll quickly get used to it. Once you get comfortable with it, you won’t even remember you’re wearing one!

Your invisible wire hair extension is an easy-to-wear, perfect fit

Our invisible wire hair extensions use adjustable wires to avoid any issues you might encounter: they are comfortable, undetectable, and non-invasive. You will have a fuller-looking set of hair and no issues at all.

The halo hair extension wires are made of nylon and can hold 5 kg worth of weight without breaking or stretching – and our heaviest invisible wire hair extension weighs less than 0.2kg, so there’s nothing to worry about!

We are more than happy to help

We know how hard it is to choose the right hair. There are countless questions you might have – and we are ready to answer them all! No matter what you want to know, don’t hesitate to ask.

Pure Hair extensions are made from the highest quality, double drawn, cuticle in-tact hair! Our goal is to provide our clients with the best invisible wire hair extension possible for them to wear. In our efforts to do so, we choose the best ethically-sourced hair on the market and create the best invisible wire hair extensions possible out of it – at the best possible price.